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"I just love the idea of people playing guitar. I try to encourage everyone I can. It's like planting something that will grow and last a lifetime, even shape a life, certainly enhance it."

I began playing guitar in broadly 1972. My elder brother had bought me an electric guitar a couple of years earlier. I couldn't play it so I took it apart to see how it worked. As I was only ten years old at the time I've forgiven myself. I didn't learn too much from that process. I did though paint it severally and no-one I knew had a guitar so - that was something."  

A couple of years later I got round to asking my Mum for a guitar. There was a Laramie acoustic based on the Gibson Humming Bird acoustic in a catalogue that my Mum could purchase from. It cost £35.00 I think. My mum paid for it over 38 weeks. It was a fortune to my family and it was the most important gift I ever received. I'll never be able to repay that. Playing guitar has shaped my life. It's allowed me to express my thoughts, mood and feelings ever since I knocked out those first few chords. It's made me friends and allowed me to share all of that. Ever since I got that guitar all I've ever wanted to do is just sit down and play. What I love doing in particular is encouraging other people to play. It's important I think. So over the years I've encouraged and taught many people how to play guitar.

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